25.07.2019 : Important Notice :

Limited Trading for September and October

I will be travelling overseas between September 27th and October 27th. 

System orders will be suspended during that time  , and I will resume accepting orders again on the 28th of October on my return. Software and Hardware orders will still be accepted during this time but will be delayed in processing due to timezone variations and available coverage.

I will be contactable via Email and Facebook , responses could be delayed depending on available coverage

07.06.2019 : EastWest Sample Libraries and VI's :

AAVIM Technology are proud to be now offering the full range of EastWest Sample Libraries and VI's.

EastWest is a leading technology vendor with over 30 years in the software business. The Orchestral Titles are some of the most popular sampled virtual instrument software used by film composers, the video game industry, music producers and are all recorded in the famous EastWest Studios in Los Angeles.

I'll be uploading titles to the webstore over the coming days and weeks , please contact me if you need any titles in the interim.

07.06.2019 : New VSL and Best Service  :


Vienna's new orchestral powerhouse has arrived!

Introductory Specials for VI Special Editions (formerly Vienna Special Editions) and SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions through June 30, 2019.

AAVIM Technology are proud to be offering the full range of Best Service Sample Libraries and VI's.

03.04.2019 : Return of the Stealth :

After a short period of unavailability,  the  popular rack mountable system solutions have returned

Due to technical restraints the X Series are no longer available in the 4U , replaced by the new K Series .

Details below.

Stealth K Series : Custom 4U Rack Case : Intel 9th Gen i5/i7/i9 CPU's 6-8 Core , Z390 Chipset , up to 64GB DDR4, Thunderbolt 3 ( Optional )

29.03.2019 : New 9th Gen Systems :

New Artist , Pro and Mobile Series solutions have been released, all featuring the latest Intel 9th Generation CPU's and Chipsets .

Artist K Series : Intel 9th Gen i5/i7/i9 CPU's 6-8 Core , Z390 Chipset / up to 64GB DDR4.

Mobile X  Series : Intel 9th Gen i7/i9 CPU's 8 Core , Z370 Chipset, up to 64GB DDR4, Thunderbolt 3, 15-17" LCD.

Pro K Series : Intel 9th Gen i5/i7/i9 CPU's 6-8 Core , Z390 Chipset , up to 64GB DDR4, Thunderbolt 3 ( Optional )

Pro X Series : Intel 7th/9th Gen i7/i9 X CPU's 6-18 Core , X299 Chipset , up to 128 GB DDR4, Thunderbolt 3 ( Optional )

27.03.2019 : New Webstore :

We are proud to announce the launch of the new AAVIM Technology Web Store , which will also take over from the corporate site that was originally at .

The new store is reactive and fully mobile cpabale, which will ensure easier navigation and browsing for those on the move.

The original url and associated are now being redirected to the new store , but will eventually be transferred to the  main domain in the future.  Redirects will remain in place for the interim to smooth out the transition.